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Frequently Asked Questions

My gate operator isn't working what is the first thing I should check?

Answer: If you are having  problems the first thing that you should check is your battery. Make sure you have a good battery before you check anything else!

Transmitters and Receivers

Can I open my garage door opener with my GTO entry transmitter?

Garage door openers use a different radio frequency than the GTO Automatic Gate Openers do. If you want your GTO entry transmitter to activate both, you can purchase a special GTO garage door receiver. The GTO garage door receiver has the same frequency as the GTO Automatic Gate Operator. If your gate and garage are within close range of each other and you wish to have one transmitter to do it all, then you can purchase a two or three button GTO entry transmitter that will operate the openers separately.

Can I open my GTO automatic gate operator from my house with my GTO transmitter?

The normal operating range of the GTO entry transmitter is 50 ft. to 100 ft. However, because it uses a radio frequency and is subject to interference by weather conditions, topography, outside interference, etc., the actual range may vary. If your house is within 1000 ft. of your gate, you can place a second set of low voltage wires in the ground at the same time you are running wire for the transformer and connect it to an unlit Push Button inside the house. At the control box simply connect the wires to the accessory terminal block.

Can anyone with a GTO transmitter be able to open my gate?

Not if you personalize your transmitter code. Every GTO entry transmitter comes with identical factory settings, but you can personalize your code by repositioning the dip switches inside the GTO entry transmitter.

Can anyone open my GTO gate operator without my GTO entry transmitter?

GTO offers a weatherproof Digital Keypad accessory (for wired or wireless applications) which can be mounted on a post near the gate. The keypad can be programmed with up to 15 different entry codes for use by family members, delivery personnel, employees, etc. An additional security feature is the ability to change only one code at a time. For example, you can give a delivery person an entry code and then that particular code can be changed or eliminated after the delivery, without affecting the other codes.

How does climate affect the operation of an GTO gate operator?

GTO's Automatic Gate Openers are currently in use from the Arctic to the Amazon. Because of the battery's design, extreme cold may cause it to operate a little slower than under normal conditions and may malfuction. Therefore, in extreme cold tempertures we recommend use of an optional heater.

Does lightning affect the GTO automatic gate opener?

No electrical device can withstand a direct lightning hit. However, GTO Automatic Gate Operators have built-in ground paths on the control board designed to diffuse mild static charges created by lightning.


Just how are GTO's automatic gate operators powered?

All low voltage (DC) GTO automatic gate operators are operated by a 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour battery which also provides battery backup during a power outage. (Except the Mighty Mule 250 which uses a 12 volt, 1.2 amp-hour battery).

How many times will the GTO automatic gate operator activate during a power outage?

On the average, a fully charged 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour battery will provide fifty (50) cycles during a power outage. The number of cycles may vary depending on factors such as the type and size of gate, number of added accessories, and weather conditions. (Except the Mighty Mule 250 which uses a 12 volt, 1.2 amp-hour battery and will provide twenty (20) cycles during a power outage).

Can you install more than one battery into the control box?

Yes, the Mighty Mule FM500 and FM502 models and the PRO SW-3000 and PRO SW-4000 have larger control boxes and are prewired for the optional second battery. This is especially important for solar applications for increased backup power supply.

Just how are GTO's batteries charged?

Each of GTO's (DC powered) Automatic Gate Openers comes with a transformer that plugs into any 110/120 electrical outlet and provides a trickle charge to the battery. The transformer is connected to the control box with up to 1000 ft. of GTO's 16 gauge, multi-stranded, dual conductor, direct burial, low voltage wire (not provided). If there is not a standard outlet within 1000 ft. of the control box, the battery charge can be maintained with optional solar panel(s). If an outlet is located outside, the transformer can be placed inside a weatherproof electrical box and connected to the control box with GTO low voltage wire.